A Brummana High School Educational Experience

Monday, 16 November 2020

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BY: An anonymous BHS Old Scholar and generous donor

My journey at BHS started in KG in the 1980s, when my parents relocated from the Arabian Gulf back to our home country Lebanon. Although we were not from Brummana, my parents believed that living in Brummana – mainly because of the decision to send my siblings and me to Brummana High School – would be a good idea. I believe it was the right decision. We grew up not far from BHS and used to walk to and from school almost every day, including most weekends to attend the many sports, scouts and other activities we were involved in. Summers were largely at school too, whether to meet up with friends for a match of football, or to work at the Summer Camp or the Tennis Tournament for some extra pocket money. I am very lucky to have had such an upbringing in what, to me, is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Graduating from BHS was not just obtaining an academic certificate. It was a whole lot more. We learned acceptance of others in what was a difficult time of civil and sectarian conflict. We learned how to support and help each other. We learned about nature, sports, teamwork, and how to build lifelong friendships. Most importantly, we learned about survival and resilience. It was not easy growing up in a place like Lebanon, but now that I have lived in other places like London and Dubai, it has made me realise how valuable my childhood in Brummana was. I have taken so much from BHS and I try to give a small portion back through my involvement in the Old Scholars Association and other school initiatives.

I can only try and imagine how the students are dealing with the current challenges and uncertainties. It is difficult to maintain one’s ambition when surrounded with so many problems in the country, but also further afield. But there is something about BHS that makes me certain that we are looking at a very resilient group of young people. We owe it to them and the wider community to do whatever we can to help in these extraordinary times.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the management team and teaching staff at BHS. Their positivity and resilience are much appreciated. I know these are also very challenging times for them. I know the teachers are struggling. I believe in continuous moral support, recognition and appreciation. As Principal David Gray always says, we will deal with the challenges as a community and we will certainly overcome them.