A-Level Orientation

Monday, 8 November 2021

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On the evening of 27 October, Principal Gray hosted the orientation for A-levels to students and their parents. This was a successful occasion on which parents and students were quite clear about the differences between A-level and the IB and how the A-level system works.  Mr Gray felt it was a great improvement on the evening we had conducted last year which was held too late in the year to be of much  help.  After he gave his introduction, George Rizkallah went into some detail on the process of selecting A-levels. There were individual talks from Zeina Misk, Nado Chelala and Caline Kouyoumjian on specific courses associated with the A-level programme which would add breadth to students’ studies, a breadth which is built into the IB but has to be added to the A-level programme in order to create a balanced curriculum.