Art Competition Winners Attend British Artist’s Saida Exhibition

Friday, 23 October 2020

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It was extremely exciting for some of the winners and participants of the BHS Tom Young Art Competition to be able to visit the British artist’s new exhibition in the old souk of Saida on Friday night.

The Revival Exhibition is set in the old Hamam Al Jadeed right in the centre of the souk. Mr Young’s paintings lit up the old hamam, as his work once again aims to bring back to life and the community forgotten historic buildings. Similar to Grand Hotel Sawfar and Manara’s Rose House, Tom Young has captured the imagination of just what can be done to resurrect many Lebanese old buildings across the country. As with all his projects, he aims to run educational workshops for local youth and younger children in the hamam.

Michel (5IP) and Yasmine H. (7IP) along with Giovanni (3LP) and Marco H. (Grade 1) were all able to attend along with other family members. They even had the opportunity to meet and speak at length with the artist, who autographed the exhibition’s book for each student and provided them with some in-depth information on the paintings and the hamam.

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown measures, other winners of the competition were not able to attend but we hope that one day they will be able to visit the exhibition, and no doubt we will be welcoming Tom back on the BHS campus whenever there is an opportunity in the future, which would be another opportunity for them to meet him.

We are very grateful to Mr Young for his kind invitation on Friday night and wish him well with his exhibition which runs in Saida until December.