BHS Gives 2021 – We Did It!

Wednesday, 26 January 2022

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The totals are now confirmed for the BHS Gives 2021 appeal! Running from 1 November to 31 December, and including a very substantial and generous matching gift from our Quaker Trustees, the appeal was able to raise $125,000 in total! This total far surpassed the appeal goal of $75,000 which is really quite remarkable. These funds came from right around the world, from Lebanon to the UK and from the Gulf to the US, and several other locations in between. Of particular note was the fantastic support received from the Friends of BHS in the UK & Ireland and all their activities. Also very worthwhile noting was the very significant funds raised through our trusted partner in the US, with Friends United Meeting kindly continuing to provide a 501(c)(3) facility for donations. In total, 98 donors gave to the BHS Gives 2021 appeal. The funds will now be utilised and disbursed to the appropriate areas they were designated for by the donors – to support students and parents with financial aid (bursaries) in these deeply troubling times, to assist teachers and staff (in Fresh USD) for hyper-inflated goods and services in these very inclement days and towards operational costs such as fuel for energy and electricity which is now almost exorbitant (which 50% of unrestricted donations have been allocated to). As Principal David Gray commented, the total is “a very impressive figure for a short, punchy campaign.” Thank you to all our supporters and please know that your contributions are having life-changing effects on so many in the Brummana High School community!