BHS #ICARE Competition

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

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The BHS #icare competition called for interested students to design a new BHS logo for the return to school in a Covid-safe environment. We received many entries to the competition and a hearty well done to all students from across the school who participated.

Art teacher Ms Magda Hashem had the following to say:  

“Regarding the #Icare Competition and based on the selected student projects exchanged by us, I would like to congratulate all the participants for their wonderful entries knowing the effort that was made to accomplish the activity in a short period of time.”

It was hard to select winners as all were of a very high quality and all will be displayed on the school’s website and social media. However, the judges were able to select two winners ultimately, one second place and one as a winner for the Lower School.

Poppy B’s entry was regarded by the judges as being simple and straight to the point, specifically made for the #icare logo. What they liked most about it is the way she used the BHS letters to show social distancing. Both the idea and outcome were outstanding.

Carl S’s drawing was noted for his clear expression and colors, by drawing the students in their local context. (BHS campus)

In second place, Rebecca H’s project was selected due to it being attractive, colorful and eye catching.

For the Lower School, Nadim Z’s hard work deserves to be exhibited around that half of the school campus.

Congrats and mabrouk to all the winners and well done again to all the students who participated.