BHS MUN Progress

Monday, 8 February 2021

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By Jad T. (MUN Director of Media and Outreach)

This year, the BHSMUN team, consisting of the Executive members and trainers, is working extra hard to break new records. Since September the Executive committee and trainers have been organizing weekly training sessions for middle school and high school delegates, covering matters such as speech writing, public speaking skills, conflict resolution, how to properly research, and so on. This year, we have 3 delegations participating in the Lebanese American University Simulation Programs: Model United Nations, Model Arab League, and for the first time, Model African Union. The delegates recently underwent a mock conference where they discussed topics like hunger in Sub-Saharan Africa, the environmental crisis in the Arab World, nuclear disaster prevention and response, etc. They all did great and showed perfect solutions to modern day problems. Currently, they are being intensely trained by our talented team members and preparing for their LAU conferences coming up in February and March, and we wish them all the best of luck!