BHS Podcast – Final Episode

Wednesday, 7 July 2021

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At the onset of the first Covid-19 wave hit Lebanon and the world back in spring 2020, a brilliant group of our senior students started up the BHS Podcast as part of their IB CAS requirements which voiced their ideas, thoughts and hopes. It gradually grew and gathered followings, and now they have just finished recording and uploading their final video to YouTube. This last podcast covers topics such as IB, the group’s overall experience doing these podcasts and the skills they learnt as well as the podcast impact and legacy. A special guest also provides an understanding of the Lebanese programme for Seniors from his perspective. The school thanks the group for this excellent startup and appreciates all their efforts. Their podcasts will be missed greatly, but perhaps one day they can do an Old Scholar one for us again.

We encourage students to continue the legacy that has been created this year, thereby establishing the BHS Podcast as something here to stay. And as such we will have two student voice opportunities – Speakout and the Podcast. Students can contact the Podcast students, their Head of Section or the Marketing department to express their interest.