BHS Summer Online Academic Programme

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

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The school was pleased to run a successful online academic programme over the summer. Despite the difficulties the country continues to face including the Covid-19 pandemic meaning the traditional Summer Camp wasn’t possible to run, the summer online learning proved popular and is an area the school aims to continue and expand on in the coming years.

Classes were run in English, Mathematics, Arabic, Biology and Physics. The school’s well-renowned online learning (digital campus) was well-demonstrated and indeed refined even further, engaging students in an exciting and comfortable learning environment.

There were over 30 students registered and happily attending single classes or multiple subjects. 60% of students were from the school, with 40% from outside of the community. 20% of attendees were based outside of Lebanon. Indeed, there was an unexpected interest in Arabic from families abroad. Students came from both upper and lower schools, and for the first time there were students as young as those in Grade 3.

Feedback from the parents has been very positive. A special thank you to the Director of the programme and all the teachers for making the experience such a success. Here’s to many more years of summer online learning opportunities!