Boarders’ Christmas Dinner

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

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Wednesday evening saw a lovely occasion as invited guests were kindly hosted by the Boarding community in Edinburgh House. Each boarder was allowed a few invitations to teachers, family and/or friends, and a wonderful atmosphere was felt as everyone gathered in the communal lounge and reception areas for the dinner. Two Santas even made an appearance and distributed candy to all the guests. The invited guests were even treated to a showing of full Scottish dress, with the Principal showcasing his kilt and other traditional clothing proudly. The food was arranged by the catering team and it was as delicious and filling as always. Head Boarder Sulaiman Al-Aini gave a very impactful speech to kick off the dinner which resonated with everyone in attendance, both boarders and invitees. Special thanks goes to the House Parents for last night as well as all the hard work they do for the boarders and boarding community as a whole.