Brummana High School Worldwide

Thursday, 21 October 2021

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Today sees the first time the BHS Times newsletter is sent from the school’s new online community platform! The platform has multiple functions but with the overriding aim of ensuring the BHS community worldwide are able to remain connected with the school and for the school to remain connected with all our community worldwide, in particular our 8,000 Old Scholars living in Lebanon, the region and globally. 

It must be noted that many Old Scholar records have their parents’ email addresses included. It must also be noted that even more Old Scholar records have no email address at all. We hope that our Old Scholar community as well as parents, staff and other community members will help us updating the database system over the next few weeks and months. Parents with students at the school currently yet who also have children who have now graduated are minded to be very careful when updating their family’s records – i.e. for those of you in this category, please make sure you update the records accurately with correct emails and other details for the appropriate BHS member. 

It must also be noted the school keeps all records for families in its main internal database. This BHS Worldwide database does not contain the majority of these details, but it does contain all records for Old Scholars the school has currently. 

We look forward to any feedback on this new BHS Worldwide platform. Please contact us at

Looking forward, you will see plenty of other features launched in the coming months – so stay tuned for those!