Call for Peace initiatives answered!

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

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By Ms. Aline Alam (Head of Math Department)

 Dr. Maria Montessori once said “Avoiding war is the work of politics, establishing peace is the work of education”.

 I believe there is no such thing as a neutral education system. Education must mould personalities and develop global citizens and peacemakers who are aware of not just the dangers of a potential World War III but also about the harsh consequences of daily violence, conflicts, global pandemics, nuclear proliferation, bullying, racism, xenophobia, ethnocentrism…

 Students across all grade levels at Brummana High School were encouraged to produce peace related artwork in hopes to raise awareness and sensibility to proceed towards a vision of global peace.

I also believe that such initiatives can equip youth with the skills that they need to be human beings who build healthy relationships and resolve conflicts in ways that value the inherent dignity of others, our world will benefit now and in the future.

Many thanks to all students and to teachers, especially Maths teachers Ms. Mayssa Abi Haidar and Ms. Rana Aboulhosn, who collaborated with their students in making origami projects.

Believing that Origami, the art of paper-folding, and concept of Symmetry in Mathematics are very closely related. Grade 9IP students were asked to demonstrate this relationship by creating “Symmetrical Origami Art Project” or an origami model (animal, object, etc.) including one or different types of symmetry (rotational, reflection) in its final shape or through its construction using one or different types of folds (Fold, kite fold, skinny kite fold, triangular fold, etc.)

The traditional paper crane is probably the most famous of all origami models. An ancient Japanese legend promises that if anyone folds a thousand paper cranes they will be granted a wish by the gods. The popularity of the origami crane is largely due to a children’s book “Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes” about a Japanese girl name Sadako who was 2 years old who developed leukemia and spent her time folding origami cranes hoping to make 1,000 of them.

According to Sadako’s family, she managed to fold approximately 1,000 paper cranes. Many of these cranes have been donated to places such as the 9-11 memorial in New York City, Pearl Harbour, the Museum of Tolerance and more places as a symbol of peace.

Here is a compilation of the peace items collected from Upper School students who answered my call for peace initiatives previously shared on the school website. I am really proud of our students’ creativity, attitudes, skills and depth of knowledge!