Careers Fair

Thursday, 24 March 2022

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In the afternoon of Friday, 18 March, Principal David Gray hosted the Careers Fair which was the brainchild of Caline Kouyoumjian and which was a great success. After a splendid introduction on video by students as to their aspirations for the future, a welcome by Caline and some words of introduction from the Principal, students individually introduced seven speakers whose careers ranged from Banking to Psychotherapy to Theatre direction. Each speaker spoke for about 10 minutes on his/her career and all the speakers were Old Scholars who had enthusiastically returned to school to offer their services to the students. Following the addresses, the meeting adjourned upstairs and students were invited to go to individual rooms to ask questions of the speakers individually as they wished, and to cement connections by exchanging emails, and with the possibility perhaps of some work experience or internships in the future. This is a great overall initiative and one which the Principal applauds. It was attended by around 100 students in the Secondary section, some parents and members of the OSA. It was a very good example of how the Old Scholars’ Association and the school can work together in a constructive fashion for the benefit of the school.