Charitable Trusts

Tuesday, 2 February 2021

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The school, via a team consisting of one Quaker Trustee, the Marketing Manager and three Secondary students, are continuing to work thoroughly towards the aim of attracting significant funds from UK and other international charitable trusts and organisations. Kareen F. (IB1), Natalie A. (IB2) and Hani T (Grade 12IP) have all been active members of the group so far, along with Richard Bampfylde, the school’s Marketing Manager. Indeed, the students have undertaken substantial research into their respective charitable trusts and are now at the stage of drafting a letter to be sent. Specific areas of support the school is aiming to successfully receive grant funding for are, and in no particular order: Bursaries/Financial Aid, STEAM, Sustainablity, Outreach and Partnerships. This fundraising journey for the students and school is one that should reap significant rewards in the short and long-term. In the short-term, students involved are gaining first-hand, practical knowledge of grant applications. Indeed, they were involved in the development of the categories to be pursued too. Although we would hope for short-term success in these applications, and who knows there are opportunities of course, particularly when the strong student voice is incorporated into the application, it is more likely that success will be seen in the mid-to-long-term, thereby supporting the school with necessary fundraising in the years to come. The school is very grateful for the continued support and industry of our Quaker Trustees, the Quaker International Educational Trust, with Trustee Will Haire an active member of the Charitable Trusts Committee.