Christmas Fundraising Appeal for the “I Serve” Endowment Fund

Tuesday, 19 December 2023

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Principal David Gray launched the Christmas Fundraising Appeal for the “I Serve” Endowment Fund by sending out this letter to BHS friends, parents, and staff:

Dear Friends of Brummana High School,

Christmas is approaching, and times in the Middle East, as you know, are fraught with tension, with tragedy, and inevitably with uncertainty.  Brummana High School has celebrated its 150th anniversary this year, and counts its blessings that after such a span of time it continues to be able to provide a really good education for children who are the future leaders of our country and who will have the responsibility of meeting the many challenges which conflict and division have again brought to the surface in recent months.  Lebanon has in recent years been afflicted by a host of disasters including political and economic collapse, the terrible explosion in Beirut of 2020, and now the horror of a tragic war next to us and the threat of its spread further afield.  We hope and pray that Lebanon will not be engulfed.

In times such as these, education which has a liberating and empowering influence, is more important than ever and provides future generations with the opportunity to prosper, to bring about a better world, and to do so from a peace loving, tolerant perspective.

I hope therefore, that you will chose to contribute to our Christmas appeal for Brummana High School, by donating to our newly established “I Serve” endowment fund, by which whatever you give will remain in capital form in perpetuity and generate interest to provide financial aid for those children whose parents could not otherwise have their children educated at the school.  This will help to safeguard the future of Brummana as an educational establishment for children in the region and further afield.

To give for education is to give for a good cause for the future of the world we live in.  We appreciate all donations of whatever size since they all help to make a difference in perpetuity.  You can make a donation as shown below:

To donate from Lebanon:
You can either donate in cash at the BHS Accounts Office or to the BHS account at the Bank of Beirut:
IBAN $ (Fresh)   LB85 0075 0000 0001 140Z 0460 0000
and specify in the description that the money goes towards the “I Serve” Endowment Fund.

To donate from the UK or to the UK:
Please use the Quaker International Educational Trust bank account at Barclays International in the UK:
Barclays Bank PLC – Quaker International Educational Trust
Sort code: 20-05-03
Account number: 23208265
IBAN: GB23BARC20050323208265
and specify in the description that the money goes towards the BHS “I Serve” Endowment Fund.

To donate from the USA:

I would like to close by thanking all who have already donated to Brummana High School, and who may wish to donate again, and to those who may be thinking of making a donation to the school.  I wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas at this critical time for our school and our country.

Yours sincerely,

David Gray