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Friday, 28 October 2022

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BY Elias N. Haddad Barouky (Teacher of Design & Technology )

In 2022-2023 one of the design trends is to use AI to overcome everyday tasks, where it aids us in the basic stuff that we do every day, such as grammar check, spell check, speech-to-text, and text-to-image,…

I have been working in design and technology throughout this year on reinforcing our students with links to AI websites, such as the ones listed below where we simplify the design process and help them to advance their overall portfolios.

Instead of going online researching and then coming back with a lot of data that has to be converted into ideas, and thoughts that are drawn. Now AI is aiding us by generating ideas that can be chosen, sketched over, and advanced. or by something very simple such as removing a background from an image, or creating a logo!

This makes generating new designs easier, for students who are new to design, and gives them skills that can compete with university-level skillset that requires advanced software and knowledge.

Starting to introduce these skills at this age helps the students expand their thinking and gives them the curiosity to research and find out what the tech world has in store for them.

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