Design & Technology – Gr. 11 Classwork

Monday, 15 May 2023

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As our civilization advances and with it comes new technology that is emerging every day, without the use of a design that acts as a communication method translating complex language into easy-to-read and comprehend products.

Design and technology class blends new emerging technology “knowledge” with design, where students get to learn about 3D printing, QR codes, NFC cards, VR headsets, and much, much more. As they develop their products they try to integrate this technology either in the product or in its manufacture.

The following is the work of a promising class, Grade 11 IP our “2023-2024” graduating promotion, the content that you are about to see was edited using Photopea to join multiple drawings into one photo, in addition to slight retouching that was done to the layout or to clean the drawing.

. Rending using, thin and thick lines, light and shadow, and coloring pencils taking into consideration the material and texture that is used.

Noting that the first image to the left is the images taken from Cambridge IGCSE & GCE AS A Level Past Papers, and the reason behind this, is to prepare them for their officials, where they will be asked to draw such images using their drawing kit.

. Drawing 2D – Orthographic views in addition to applying a scale.

.in addition to scale, as well placing a section plane on the top view, and generating a cutting plane or a part sectional cutting plane.

.as well as generating net development pattern for graphic products of everyday products using images as a reference.

Symbols list:

  • – – – – – – – – – – – Folding
  • ——————- Cutting
  • –> Labels