EDT Inspector’s Visit

Thursday, 24 March 2022

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By Principal David Gray

I met with Robin Attfield on Thursday, 17 March, the critical friend and inspector from EDT who was to spend most of the week with us, during which he observed 16 lessons, conducted many meetings with students, with staff and with members of the administration and who was by the end of his stay on Thursday very pleased with what he had seen. I shall be publishing more detail to colleagues in due course, but I can tell you that the objective comparisons which were made with Mr. Attfield’s visit two and a half years ago, showed that he has seen a great step forward in terms of teaching and learning, the provision of resources, the attitude of the students and their work ethic. He also noted the development of screening of students, the success of the Support for Learning Department and the more rigorous approach to follow up, the introduction of the PSHE programme, the provision of the football field and multi-gym, the use of the indoor sports hall and the strengthening of our academic programmes.  Sometimes we are very critical of ourselves and think somehow that with the lockdown and the myriad of problems which Lebanon faces that somehow we are going backwards. So it is very pleasing to know that an outside observer is able to give us reassuring news about what is going on and how we are progressing. I shall publish more about Robin’s findings once he reports them fully in writing.