End of Term Secondary Assembly

Monday, 21 December 2020

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Principal David Gray kicked off the Secondary Assembly before the break, sharing some history and background to the Christmas festivity and also how this current student generation are our hope for the future. This is particularly true after the very challenging year we have all had. He urged them to work hard and go out there and be ambitious. Mr Gray recommended they take time over the Christmas break to relax and recharge. At the end of his message, he wished all students a very happy and safe Christmas. Vice Principal Pastoral Sage Ball then shared a few words from Mr Chadi Nakhle, Head of Secondary, saying how proud the HOS is of all Secondary students and what they have achieved through continuing challenging times. He reminded them to enjoy themselves but to stay safe at all times. Over 190 students tuned in for the Assembly. Mr Ball then shared his experience of growing up in a rainy part of the UK, a place where it rains over seven months of the year. However, as he shared, even with so much rain the rains do eventually pass and this is exactly what will happen with the current Covid-19 pandemic. Finally, he thanked students for joining the Assembly and wishing them all a very happy and healthy Christmas.