Executive Board for the Model United Nations Club

Thursday, 11 June 2020

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By: Mr. Fareed Halabi

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and commend Brummana High School’s current Executive Board for the Model United Nations club for their continued dedication, perseverance, and exemplary performance through these unprecedented times. Celine M., Rochelle C., and Rodolf A. are to be commended for their efforts in this year’s MUN experience for our students, in which they helped carry BHS to success despite the constant disruption and unpredictability of our current state of affairs.  

It is to that end that these students, along with Mrs. Jina Abou Merhi and myself, conducted interviews for next year’s MUN club Executive Board this week. After careful deliberation and discussion, of which I must admit was a very difficult decision to make as all the candidates who applied brought with them characteristics and skills that would continue to improve our MUN Programme, we have agreed upon the following appointments for next year’s BHSMUN programme:

Secretary General: Ms. Natalie A.

Having already participated in and received recognition in numerous conferences at BHS, nationally, and abroad over the past 4 years, Natalie’s passion for history, geography, politics and global affairs have helped provide a solid foundation for her transition to this post. She knows the value of teamwork, sportsmanship, and has always led through example, never unwilling to do what is necessary to achieve the honorable and notable victories of which she has been a part.  A modest individual, Natalie herself has questioned and realized that her passion for MUN lies in the friendships, memories, and experiences that keep her coming back for more.  She brings with her the experience and knowledge of her predecessors, having learned and seen what works and what doesn’t in the club and will endeavor to continue to raise the bar of the programme for future generations of BHS students to admire and respect.


MUN Team

MUN Team

Director of Organization: Ms. Angela S.

As another member of BHSMUN who has taken part in a number of conferences, Angela brings with her the ability to bring about sustainable change through proper planning and organizing the BHSMUN system. Angela has a number of great ideas she will be bringing to the table in order to reshape, refine, and renew the BHSMUN conference through the establishment of relationships with schools across Lebanon and internationally in order to bring Brummana’s annual Conference to a new level of recognition which will stretch internationally in the coming years. Always willing to learn, she looks forward to being able to gain experiences from external conferences and advisor meetings in order to bring back and apply what she learns to the current BHSMUN model.


Director of Training: Ms. Yasmina Y.

Having also been raised in the MUN programme, Yasmina has seen some of the most difficult times result in the greatest victories in our school’s history. She brings to the table a human quality that looks to provide the engaging and gratifying MUN experience to as many different students at BHS as possible in order for them to gain the enrichment and build the memories she herself has grown to treasure. She has experience in both the delegate side of the conference as well as being one of the top trainers that has helped our team to succeed these past few years and will engage in her method of finding the talents and strengths of our student members and bringing those out for the betterment of the club as a whole. 


MUN Team


MUN Team

Director of Media and Outreach: Mr. Jad T. E. G.

With Jad’s experience in the MUN programme, and his passion for social media and outreach, Jad brings to the table years of experience in creating contacts and relationships with others outside BHS’s walls. His social and charismatic persona is something that allows others to gravitate towards and show him the respect he has earned. Beyond this, his participation in numerous conferences both locally and abroad, as well as taking on training and advisory roles when necessary, shows him to be a natural leader, the kind that those working with him, cherish year after year.

Please join me in congratulating these fine young individuals on accepting these positions and help me wish them luck in the upcoming academic year.