Extra Curricular Activities

Friday, 12 November 2021

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After a slow start to the school year which is understandable following a full year working online, extracurricular activity has become increasingly popular. Sports such as basketball, football, cricket, rugby and volleyball have drawn many children to take part in practices and training after school, while the Gardening club is also proving very popular with children in the Lower School.  This is to be commended; we provide a holistic education at Brummana High School which depends not simply on children gaining good grades, but on their learning about themselves and the world around them and about how to make the most of their many and varied talents.  I would encourage parents to invite their children to take part in as much extracurricular  activity as can be managed.  The fact that children are under pressure academically does not mean to say that they should cancel the opportunity to take part in extra curricular activity whether it is in the arts or sports or in community service. Taking part in other activities reduces stress and gives a balance to young people’s lives as well as to their development. Please encourage your children to take part in all aspects of school life whether it is the Model United Nations, playing football, acting in a play or engaging in work with the sustainability committee.