Field Day 2022

Friday, 8 April 2022

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Friday was Field Day, the first Field Day we have had since 2019, since when a new Sports Arena has been created and since when students have been deprived of the opportunity to run around, compete, take part in sports and generally have fun. The Principal is very grateful to Rabih Aouad, Sami Brakh and Pia Bitar for their organization, management and direction of what was a very successful Field Day. There is no doubt that there was some quality athleticism to watch, and children thoroughly enjoyed the day that was very different for them at school from the daily grind of attending lessons; a number of school records were  broken and there is no doubt that the improved surface on the Astroturf provides an excellent venue for children to sit and to watch the events around them. There are things we may look at improving on next year, such as the provision of First Aid on the actual site as opposed to the Sick Bay, and perhaps to arrange more staff to help with the supervision of individual events so that we can get through the programme more rapidly. Overall, however, it was a great day and the children had a great time. Principal Gray made a welcoming speech at the start from the Upper Playground and then yo-yoed up and down the many steps during the day to attend where he could the events, either on one of the courts or the football field from later on in the day.

Click HERE for a complete set of Field Day Photos from our Photographer Mr Anis Saad, and HERE for the Facebook selection.