Grade 12IP French Presentations on Entrepreneurship

G12IP: Les entrepreneurs de l’avenir

Thursday, 30 January 2020

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Students in Grade 12IP have been working hard over the last few weeks, bringing to an end their theme of study ‘Entrepreneurship & Creativity’, producing in pairs specific projects which could be marketed and sold locally and even globally. Their ideas and prototypes very much focused on making a positive impact in terms of environmental sustainability. BHS Marketing Manager, Richard Bampfylde, joined the group to discuss marketing techniques. This included understanding competitors, obtaining start-up investment (e.g. crowdfunding) and digital marketing. The students then continued on the development of their projects, incorporating these ideas, and culminating in engaging and worthwhile presentations to their peers, teacher (Ms Souhair) and Mr Bampfylde. All presentations were conducted in French (the third language for the vast majority of them) and followed by a Q&A also conducted in the French language. Very impressive indeed. Bravo to all of you!