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Gr. 6A Australian Wildfires Assembly Presentation

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

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The regular Monday Upper Elementary assembly was held today and led as usual by Mrs Shatha Abou Khalil, the Head of Section. After handing out the students of the week awards, G6A made a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the current bushfires’ situation in Australia. The students researched and collected data that taught their peers the causes and effects of the widespread fires. Two main causes were mentioned: 1. The weather factor; and 2. Human error for which four people were imprisoned. They also showed the devastation that affected not only millions of hectares of forests and animal habitats, but also the loss of 27 human lives, 1,588 burnt houses and millions of animals. Engaging their friends with questions at the end showed how interested and attentive they were. G6A did a wonderful job at raising awareness of the dangers of hazardous acts done sometimes by negligent people.