Grade 3A SST – Class on the Bronze Age

Wednesday, 3 March 2021

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Ms Eliane Mrad, teacher of G3A for SST, provided a great, engaging activity for the SST students. She presented information for the students to engage with and then invited the students to participate by presenting their prepared research and information on the Bronze Age.

Some of the information shared at the start of class included: The Bronze Age started in Mesopotamia (now Iraq and Syria) in 2500 BC and which then spread to other parts of the world slowly but surely. Cities were raised up to provide protection and security, with it being easier to see any enemies approaching. Farming was a crucial turning point in the Bronze Age, with the hunter gatherers then starting to settle down and occupying their lands. Working life started to change during the Bronze Age. New jobs included:

– Potters
– Farmers
– Traders
– Metal workers
– Weavers
– Miners

Students then presented their information on the Bronze Age, during a very interactive session, and with students taking ownership for their learning. Many of them shared their screens displaying remarkable knowledge of the content, and also remarkable technical knowledge too!

Juliana R. even had a market set up in her home, with pottery displayed to show to her classmates. She said she would like to be a merchant in the Bronze Age, trading goods and with other countries. Even the dress she wore replicated the style of clothing worn in the Bronze Age which one of her classmates commented on and applauded too! Amanda O. showed one her vases to the class, very well done, and Reina A.M. said that everyone’s presentation was excellent!

Ms Eliane then continued her presentation and highlighted slides on trade and transport and so on, with the students reading very capably too. For example, 3500 BC was the time when wheels were added to carts to help them move, with vehicles pulled by animals. This invention helped with the transportation of goods from one place to another.

Bravo to all the students – Reina A.M., Juliana R., Francesca S., Nadim B., Emily W., Amanda O., Isabella A., Maria B., Peter H. and Ray A!