Heartfelt Wishes to Teachers!

Wednesday, 2 March 2022

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Four years ago, I was honored to receive the award of Distinguished Teacher striving for excellence in education for the year 2018 in Lebanon.
I was truly flattered by this great recognition as a result of the competition managed by the Board of the H Institute, USA.

Being honest, a career in education is challenging. Personally I seized every opportunity to participate and win in local and international competitions (USA, Belgium, Switzerland, Japan…) to expand my perspectives.
I owe my deepest gratitude to my family and to Brummana High School who believed in me.
This faith anchored my will to become not just an influential Math teacher or leading chair of the Math department but a lifelong learner and a source of inspiration.
I was equally humbled because there are so many outstanding, passionate, creative educators out there who inspire and support their students every day.
This award was the symbol of all the blessings that God has given me, the symbol of all the minds and hearts I have touched along the way.
I didn’t know there were many…

Today, as the local economic crisis deepens, I wonder how many teachers will leave Lebanon and how many will stay and under what deteriorating circumstances?
Lebanon’s educational sector, prized throughout the Middle East as a regional leader, was once ranked tenth globally by the World Economic Forum. This same sector is at high risk because teachers who mold generations and sustain excellence in education are enduring the toughest hardships in their career. We would like to aspire to be like other countries.
In Germany, teachers have the highest salary in the country, and when judges, doctors and engineers asked the chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel for the same salary, she told them “How can I compare you to those who taught you?”.

One truth should always be remembered. It is that passion keeps driving teachers and that their love for teaching stems from their heart. Love will always remain the only language to connect with students simply because education with mindful care and compassion can be transformative.
And for that, teachers will always leave a footprint in the lives of others.

To all educators who illuminate a soul with its light, Happy Teacher’s Day!

Ms. Aline Alam
Head of Mathematics Department
Brummana High School, Lebanon

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” – Aristotle.