IB1 Group 4 Science Project Presentations

Friday, 3 June 2022

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By David Gray

In the afternoon of Wednesday, 18 May, I joined a number of IB teachers for the IB1 Group 4 Science Project presentations which were held in the Dobbing Hall. I spoke briefly at the start after Lara Feghali, who had led the projects and organised the session. There are 27 students in IB1 in all and I was most impressed by their projects which ranged from the science of milk to the chemical, physical and biological impact of the Beirut Blast in August 2020 and, in between, there were projects on subjects such as the effects of salinity in water and other environmentally based projects which demonstrated the need to combat Global Warming and other manmade problems. What impressed about the projects was not so much the content, but rather the scientific method which was thorough, consistent and inquisitive. In addition the students showed acute critical awareness, the ability to analyse and substantiate well thought out arguments and an astonishing capacity for articulating ideas. They knew their material extremely well and were able to respond to questions thoughtfully and intelligently, drawing on their research and knowledge. This event, which lasted over two hours, was an excellent advertisement, not only for the International Baccalaureate programme, but also for the style of teaching and learning based on developing the critical faculty which the school has adopted. I would like to extend my thanks to all teachers involved in this project for their encouragement and support of the students; it was good to see a number of teachers staying at the event throughout and visiting all the stands.