IB1 Science Research

Wednesday, 24 June 2020

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The end of the academic year saw IB1 students presenting to a wide audience their nature of science research work.

One of the main aims of the projects was to show collaboration between team members, with each team member focusing on a specific area of science within the overall topic (either physics, biology or chemistry). The students either collected data at home with the means/equipment available, or used secondary data for analysis and to draw conclusions. Some students also explored the nature of science aspects of articles or experiments available online. The students presentations were a very impressive display of in-depth research and presenting skills, the latter of course being some of the very typical skills in so many BHS students, with the MUN and activities being a major part of school life. It was great to see how the students had collaborated, in particular during lockdown, and how far their knowledge and skills had developed.

Congrats and mabrouk to all of the students – have a great summer and all the best for IB2!

In attendance were several members of the school’s leadership including Principal Mr David Gray, Vice Principal Academic Mr George Rizkallah and Head of Science Mr Assaad El Helou. Congratulations also to the science teachers for all their hard work supporting our students.