ICT Grade 10 Visit to the IT Department

Wednesday, 13 April 2022

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The Grade 10 ICT students visited the Server Room in the IT Department. It was a great event; the students were overwhelmed by the school’s advanced technology. They were so excited to discover many facts as well. Below are a few of their reflections:

“The experience we had during our last ICT session was truly one of a kind. We got to see how the technology works at school and we were impressed by how advanced everything was. We were introduced to all the networks, cables, hubs, switches and systems the school uses to keep it up to date. It was one of the most interesting tours we’ve had at school because it related to what we care about the most…TECHNOLOGY. Extremely thankful to Mr. Roger for making this happen! “ Clara Maria K.

“Thanks to our amazing computer teacher Mr. Roger, we were able to see and learn new information about the school’s IT department. It was awesome to know how advanced our school is in technology. When we first walked into the room, we were warmly greeted by Mr. Youssef who was so excited to talk about his job. You could defiantly tell how much time it took to get all the things working. I would like to thank our teacher Mr. Roger one more time for showing us around and for helping a lot of us find a passion in ICT. ” Elsa R.

“I had a wonderful experience visiting the IT department. I am a visual learner which made it easier for me to comprehend the lesson. I was also shocked that in Lebanon we have fiber optics. Thank you for making this experience happen, it was one of the best!” Tala M.

“We learned many interesting and new things on our trip, and it was a fun and pleasant experience.“ Kyla R.

“When we visited the IT department. I was curious to know about where everything was connected. I also learnt that the servers were also all activated from the main room which explained why we once had Moodle go down since the servers might have been down too.“ Ryan F.

“It was also interesting knowing that the school is keeping up with the latest technology, installing fiber optics, and using LAN cables. And it was fascinating to know that our Wi-Fi is directly from Ogero our providers using fiber optics cables that are protected by poison from inside in case a rat tried to eat it.” Ryan F.