ICT Scratch Competition

Monday, 15 March 2021

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> Competition Topic:
Music from “Scratch” – (Programming Language)

> Competition Details: 
– Create any Song play using Scratch Instrument(s)
– Grade level: 6-7-8 IP and LP
– Single work or Group work (up to 2 students). Entries are allowed from all three grade levels.

> Requirements:
– Any Song play must be created on Scratch using Scratch Instruments. This should take at least 40 seconds long and should not exceed 2 minutes.
– Song play can include up to 3 different instruments.
– A screencast should also be submitted. A screencast is a video that should explain the choice of the song used and must include instructions about the code used to create the song. This should take at least 2-minutes-long and should not exceed 4 minutes.

> Registration:
– Registration form is sent to students by email.
– Open registration on: March 15
– Close registration on: March 24
– Deadline to submit projects: May 17
– Jury decides for the winners: May 24

> Entries:
Projects and Screencasts to be shared on One drive with Mr. Roger by May 17

> Judging:
– Entries will be judged on: Creativity, Originality, Technical merit and programming practices of the song created on Scratch.
– Entries are judged also on the Screencast provided: Duration, audio must be clear, the project must be fully functional and all of the features should be demonstrated.
– Each entry is judged by two Jury members from the ICT department.

> Awards:
– Winner first place, second place and third place
– Certificates for winners
– Online Ceremony will be held on May 24 – On Teams