Independence Day

Independence Day Celebrations

Friday, 23 November 2018

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Independence Day Celebrated


Independence Day was celebrated in the Secondary Section with two main activities. On 19 November, all Secondary 3 LP students participated in a qualifying writing activity as part of an inter-schools competition organized by Bank Audi to celebrate the 75th Independence Day. As a result of the first round, 3 students were selected: Michel Sadek, Youssef Al Sharif, and Andrea Atallah. These students will compete in the next round in February, with students from other schools. Congrats to all 3 students. On 29 November, a special assembly to celebrate Independence Day was held. The assembly featured Journalist and civic activist Ghassan Saud as guest speaker. Mr Saud held a very interactive talk with students, in which he explained how much change students can induce on a civic level if they have the will. Students were very enthusiastic and interacted positively with the guest, advancing many original ideas.

In the days leading to Independence Day Parade, Intermediate students were given a brief history of how Lebanon gained its independence. This was followed by a parade of students waving the Lebanese flag. They marched out the Elementary Gate onto the main road and back onto campus via the Main Gate. Students then lined up in silence for the Lebanese national anthem and a few words from Principal Dr El Khoury.

Our country’s Independence Day was celebrated in the most patriotic way in the Elementary Section. Our students marched through the main street of Brummana and joined their high school peers to sing the national anthem and pledge their respect to our flag. The students then attended assemblies prepared, by teachers Nadia Wannous in the LE and Nancy Abou Rjeili in the UE, around this historic event. We extend our thanks to both teachers and to PE teacher Jessy Sawaya for the disciplined performance of the students.

Infant Section students celebrated Independence Day on 20 November in their own child friendly environment. Students paraded on campus and sang the national anthem. After this, they enjoyed eating ‘Markouk’ labneh sandwiches with cucumbers and tomatoes. Students familiarized themselves with the colours of the Lebanese flag and its meaning (the cedar tree represents peace, immortality and tolerance; the red stripes symbolize martyrdom and self-sacrifice; and the white represents the snow-capped peaks of Lebanon’s mountains).