Infant Section Pastoral Sessions on Peace

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

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As a Quaker school, Brummana High School, and its community, is a great believer in values that underpin society. Quaker values are integrated into daily school activities at the school. In the Infant Section, several values and themes had already been covered – respect, responsibility, love, honesty and giving. As a part of our daily online pastoral sessions, which are some of the first to be offered in the country, peace was an interesting theme for the kids, chosen as the next value to be introduced and discussed. Teachers of the Infant Section explained to their young students that peace is when one is being safe, being kind and being fair. A peace maker is a good friend, and he/she is the one who helps others in need. He/she is the one that treats animals kindly and the one that helps take care of the earth and so on. The students were asked to draw about their new understanding of peace and very much enjoyed sharing their projects with their friends and their teachers. Bravo students, and bravo teachers too!