Internship and Mentorship

Thursday, 23 June 2022

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Principal David Gray and Caline Kouyoumjian met with Samantha Abu Tayeh who is a school parent and who through her company, Moore, has offered an annual internship for one of our students in Grade 11 or 12 with a view to providing mentorship following the internship so that ultimately such a student might, following university, join the company in one of its sections should the student be interested. The Principal has worked with this kind of programme in the UK and it has been enormously successful, partly because the successful student learns about the world of work and is able to understand better whether he or she wants to pursue a career in the designated profession and if so, has the opportunity to have internships which run through the vacations from year to year until finally such a person might be employed. It was a very good meeting and Caline and will keep in touch and promote this opportunity to students in September with a view to work experience been carried out initially during the Christmas holiday.