InvestIN Young Leaders Global Summit

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

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By Karl E.

 As I began my first day of the InvestIN Young Leaders Global Summit on the 19th of December, I was already motivated to participate throughout the session and the following four days of the summit.

What surprised and excited me the most was being exposed to people my age and older from all over the world. Each day a special keynote speaker, notable for their societal role, would attend the session to discuss the main theme of the day. Getting to become more informed about some of the experiences of these people allowed me to learn how to become a better leader myself.

During each session, each participant would be divided into their own groups to work on an assigned activity. Although a few assignments were related to MUN, the content shared with us throughout each session outweighed any prior knowledge about leadership that I had learned at school which amazed me. The main topics covered throughout each day to become the best Global Leader possible is as followed:

Day 1 – Negotiation and Public Speaking

Day 2 – Innovation

Day 3 – Team Building and Mobilization

Day 4 – Strategy and Critical Thinking

Day 5 – Back to back activities

During our fourth day of the summit, I alongside the rest of the participants experienced an unforgettable moment when we got to meet the famous astronaut working in the International Space Station (ISS) “Major Tim Peake”. I was honored to be able to ask him a question about what key quality a person should have to become the best leader possible. He answered; “The best quality to being a leader is knowing how to judge. Judgment helps to analyze different components or having a say on a specific topic. This allows you and the team to have more information within the field you are working in. This is applied to everything when it comes to leading a block to become as successful as possible. Being able to be part of a team where you give out suggestions or guiding out of a program is part of having the quality of judgment”. His words are truly an inspiration.

Finally, after ending the 5-day summit, I took an exam in which I got 9/10 to receive my certificate. On top of that, I also received a grading evaluation from an advisor with comments on how I did throughout the summit as well as a 10-pound gift card for winning an award on the last day.

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