Launch of the “I Serve” Endowment Fund

Tuesday, 3 October 2023

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By David Gray

On the evening of Thursday, 28 September, I attended and spoke at the launch of the “I Serve” Endowment Fund.  Unsurprisingly, this was not heavily attended, but I was delighted to see a number of parents and some staff at the event which was accompanied by canapes and drinks, and a good number of people attending remotely from the USA, the U.K., and Europe which was great to see.  Both Antoine Issa, the Chairman, who spoke in general terms about the Endowment and I (speaking about the detail of the endowment) addressed our audience, and thereafter answered detailed questions which were asked both virtually and in person.  I was pleased on the whole with the event, and we followed it up the next day with a letter to all 1200 invitees around the world, with a link to the video of the event which people could watch who had been unable to attend in person or remotely. Naturally, it also included means by which donations could be made.  In the coming week we shall promote the endowment strongly in the BHS Weekly Times and then at the end of the week all invitees to the original endowment launch will receive a letter from me inviting them to make a donation, which unlike donations for other causes will be in perpetuity, since whatever donation is made for the benefit of the education of children in the future is never lost, as the capital sum is invested and only interest ever spent.  An endowment reduces school costs, improves its security for the future by providing an additional form of income, and is a way in which people can be sure that they leave a legacy in the long-term which will be beneficial to others. I am very grateful to Najat Wakim, to Youssef Abi Haidar, to Tony Zeinaty, to Abdo Trad and his assistants for helping to setup the evening and ensure that it was a success.

Click HERE to see a video of the event.