Maths GDC Calculators Arrive from UK!

Monday, 24 January 2022

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The school, its students and its teachers are indebted to the Friends of BHS group once again. As we wrote about last week, the ‘sponsor a book’ programme is working really, really well and several books have already started arriving at Brummana Post Office. Now, kindly brought back from Scotland by Principal David Gray, seven Casio FX-9860GIII calculators have made it to campus and will be loaned out to students for their Maths work. The loans will start to those unable to afford their own calculators in the IB2 class, as these students are in their final year of school and most in need. The school would like to thank two members of the FBHS group in particular, Sarah Barrett and Simon Manasseh, for their generosity and always thinking of our Brummana High School community during these extremely challenging times. The two Friends have a very, very long family history with the school and BHS feels very fortunate at the continuation of this relationship.