May Festival Preparations

Tuesday, 26 April 2022

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Principal Gray has confirmed arrangements for the May Festival which will be held paradoxically on Saturday, 4th of June.  There will be much to arrange for the school and for the Parents Association, but Shatha Abu Khalil has chaired a meeting already with Heads of Section and representatives from the Parents’ Association and arrangements are underway for the first May Festival we have had for three years.  This year, differently from other years, it will feature an afternoon Football match and a Basketball match against the Parents as well as a finale which will involve students from all sections of the school perform the Debke, a choral number with students from all parts of the school singing something along the theme of “Reunited” which will be conducted by Camille Khalil and finally Field Day certificates and MUN certificates will also be presented to the successful winners from these events and conferences.  The Principal is hopeful that the day will be a good one and a joyful one for all involved and he would like to thank in advance all those who will be preparing what is a special day in the school year.