MS Teams – Development & Supporting Other Schools

Thursday, 19 March 2020

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Early research at the beginning of this academic year was done to find a platform where virtual classes can be conducted in case of sudden or unexpected school closure such as bad weather conditions, strikes and infectious diseases for example. 

The choice was Microsoft Teams where a live demo was held with a small number of teachers, followed by another internal one with a larger number of teachers. Different groups were then created with a team leader in each group facilitating knowledge and developing good practice with the platform. 

After everybody was trained, teachers started virtual classes with their students according to their usual schedules.

This was followed by opening a document on One Drive where all teachers can ask questions and more experienced teachers can answer them. Questions that can’t be answered by teachers are sent to the Microsoft support team for more help.

The Microsoft Office representative was impressed with the Q&A sheet and decided to use it with other educational organizations as well: “I’m happy that you are using the remote learning technology you are a role model to all of the other schools in the area and I use your success story with all of my customers.”