Model Arab League

Model Arab League Conference

Saturday, 23 February 2019

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BHS students achieved outstanding results at the Model Arab League Conference at LAU on 23-24 February 2019. “The Model Arab League is an innovative educational program that engages Lebanese High School and Middle School students in an exploration of current Arab world issues, through interactive simulations and curricular materials. It helps engage students from various religious and political backgrounds in Lebanon, to discuss various social, political and economic subjects that are affecting and shaping our Arab World. Representing one of the Arab League’s 22 member-states, student delegates work to achieve consensus on questions, with which diplomats face every day. Student leaders are given the opportunity to debate and form coalitions in order to draft and pass resolutions that seek to resolve some of the Arab countries’ most difficult challenges.” ~GCLAUMUN

This year’s BHS award recipients are:

Middle School (7th-9th grade) – Total Participants: 10 students

Best Delegate Award (SG)
Charbel Korbani
Thea Azzouz

Honourable Mention (Diplomacy)
Karl Sadek
Joseph Khoury
Nour Dawlabi
Jude Sharara

Country Statement (Position Paper)
Sami Ashkar
Henri Chadid

Participation Award
*All Mentioned above and
Selina Riachi
Marc Younis

Upper School (10th-11th grade) – Total Participants: 16 students

Best Delegate Award (SG) – Carries 50% scholarship to LAU and a chance to participate in finals for travel to USA
Christina Attallah
Faye Abou Nafeh
Celine Madaghijian
Tarek Khanafer
Rudy Zalzal
Roy El Hajj

Honourable Mention (Diplomacy) – Carries 25% scholarship to LAU and a chance to participate in finals for travel to USA
Rodolf Aouad
Valerie Naufal

Country Statement (Position Paper)
Gabriel Khabbaz
Rania Chit
Lara El Helou
Rochelle Chlala

Participation Award
*All Mentioned above and
Joya Khoury
Samar Jemal
Paula Arike
Samir Abou Jaoude

Celine Madaghijian and Rudy Zalzal, participated in the final interviews at LAU on 4 March 2019. Rudy Zalzal  has been chosen to represent, BHS, LAU, and Lebanon at the Georgetown, USA conference to be held in a few months. What a remarkable achievement!