Monthly QuIET/BHS International Fundraising Group Meeting

Thursday, 10 February 2022

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Tuesday evening saw several members of the QuIET/BHS Fundraising Group worldwide meeting online to update each other on international progress and discuss any particular items. This group has been undertaking incredible work since its establishment in spring 2020. The most recent success of BHS Gives 2021, raising $125,000 and 99% of which in ‘fresh’ foreign currency, is a testament to all their efforts and successful coordination and collaboration. This meeting saw updates giving on North America, the Gulf and the UK/Europe. The Quaker Britain Yearly Meeting this spring was also discussed and the Trustees plan to be present, and in collaboration with the Friends of BHS group who have done such sterling work over the last few months. A business/charity account with DHL was also discussed, as QuIET are making enquiries on such in order to reduce the cost of sending packages (such as those under the ’sponsor a book’ campaign). Thank you to Jean Plummer (FBHS) for suggesting this opportunity. The traditional QuIET Summer Appeal for 2022 was also discussed, along with organisation for the school’s developing Ignite 150 More Years endowment campaign. Thank you very much to John Crosfield for convening the meeting, David Hickok, Martin Macpherson, Tony Manasseh (all Trustees), Georgette Hamaty (US Fundraiser and Supporter), David Gray, Raymond Feghali and Richard Bampfylde (BHS) for all their contributions, as well as Will Haire (QuIET) for all his leadership and coordination skills.