More Support from Society of Heads

Tuesday, 28 September 2021

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Principal David Gray attended the International Society of Heads online meeting where even more support was generously offered to BHS. At the event, schools in countries across the world were able to exchange information and views, through the UK headquartered organisation.

At the meeting, St. Georges’ school in Luxembourg, through their Head, Mr. Christian Barkei, expressed continued support for BHS, and asked Mr. Gray to establish a wish list for the coming year so that they could support us in our educational endeauvours. The Principal is most grateful to them.

Principal Gray said that one Ghanaian school was very appreciative of the participation of Brummana High School teachers in professional development in August. The Principal knows from conversations he had with staff that the training was thought to be useful for some subjects, but much less useful for others. He stressed it is important we should not expend significant time in professional development which is beneficial only to one party and not to the other.

In addition to the generosity from Luxembourg, the General Secretary of the Society of Heads, Mr. Clive Rickart, has written to Mr. Gray to say that the subscription fee for membership of the Society of Heads this year is being waived in the light of the difficult conditions in which schools are operating in Lebanon. Mr. Gray is very grateful to him for this. The next meeting will be in February 2022.