My Black Belt Experience

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

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By Noah Zayoun, Grade 6 soon to be Grade 7

I have 7+ years of practice and experience in a few martial arts. I earned the Taekwondo black belt first poom on 17 June, 2020 at the age of 11 at Champions Elite Club, participating under the Lebanese Taekwondo Federation. 

Martial arts teach us how to be well-disciplined and responsible in life. The routines and practice require our precision in order to excel in our activity.

We are taught to give respect to our coaches as well as one another. These types of self-discipline classes allow us to become more mature and responsible.

Martial arts improve our mental and physical strength.

Learning martial arts will strengthen our body, mind and spirit because any form of martial arts requires a combination of speed, flexibility and physical strength. It is a combination of mental focus with physical toughness which can push our body to do incredible things.

We, the young kids, are always on screens these days so we really need some times away from our cellphones and computers to discover more important things in life.

Personally, in addition to martial arts, I do many activities at Brummana High School, such as rollers, basketball, rugby, guitar and cricket. Martial arts affected my school life adaptation a lot as I experienced favorable effects with regards to my relationship with my teachers, my friends, school classes and studies, and, most importantly, martial arts training prepared me to respond to bullying.

Building this foundation in my life at a young age through martial arts and the sports that I do in my school produced healthy habits in my childhood, and soon to be teenage years and eventually into adulthood. 

Try it guys. Its wonderful!