Preparations for The Quakers British Yearly Meeting

Wednesday, 18 May 2022

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On the evening of Wednesday 11 May, Principal Gray attended an online meeting with QuIET Trustees and Richard Bampfylde, Marketing Manager, to decide on arrangements and the way which we would present our slot at the Quakers British yearly meeting which is to be held on the evening of Saturday the 21st of May and which is an opportunity to note to Quakers in the UK the plight of Lebanon, all the challenges faced by Brummana High School as well as the progress made over the last year, encouraging further fundraising by the Quakers in the UK on behalf of BHS. The school’s part in the conference will last about an hour and consist of an introduction by John Crosfield, one of the QuIET Trustees who will be visiting Brummana in early June, Sarah Barrett, who has been here lately and therefore can act as a witness to what is happening in Lebanon and how the school is managing, and by Mr. Gray, as the school Principal. Some video clips of the school and interviews with staff and students will also be shared. Mr. Gray is hopeful that this will be as successful an occasion as it was at the 2021 BYM event around this time last year.