Principal’s First Staff Meeting of 2022

Tuesday, 8 February 2022

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In the afternoon of Wednesday, 2 February, Principal David Gray led an online General Staff Meeting at which he spoke about how BHS would operate on days of closure, on staff establishing their classes on Microsoft Teams in advance, on the provision of training on Moodle for Teachers who felt they needed it, on the importance of (and special thanks to!) Teachers prepared to volunteer when there are a large number absent owing to Corona or other illness, on the changes of dates for the Academic Fair and the Grade 8 Orientation, and on his discussions with the Teachers’ Association on the future of Teachers’ Salaries from 2022-2023 onwards. He pointed out that the Governing body would of course be looking at this issue, particularly once exchange rates had further settled and there was evidence of greater stability. He thanked all staff members for their patience, their forbearance and their continuing hard work in the face of almost insurmountable challenges. The meeting was well attended and it was a good opportunity to get everybody together, since it is only together that we shall get through this difficult period.