Principal at the Old  Scholars’ Association Dubai Reunion

Wednesday, 15 March 2023

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Principal David Gray flew to Dubai on Saturday, 4 March where he arrived late in the evening in preparation for a Sunday of meetings, lunches and dinners as a guest of the Old  Scholars’ Association Reunion. The Reunion was an enormously enjoyable event also attended by Shatha Abu Khalil as a guest of her son who is also an Old Scholar, at which, apart from all the normal benefits of a reunion, considerable sums of money were raised for the benefit of the school and particularly for financial aid, for staff and for capital projects, specifically the installation of solar panels at Brummana. The Principal is very grateful indeed to Nazih Khattar, the President, for his invitation, for organising the reunion and for leading the fundraising drive. Following a reception and a business meeting in the morning there was a splendid lunch and then a gala dinner in the evening held outside on the shores of the Gulf. The company was great, over 110 people attended and Old scholars were there from all over the Gulf and from as far away as Canada.