Principal Meets with TA & PA

Tuesday, 1 February 2022

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Before lunch last Friday, 28 January, Principal Gray had a meeting with the Teachers’ Association (TA) in the Meeting Room. The TA were able to ask a number of questions including what would happen to salaries for 2022-2023 given the challenging times in Lebanon. Principal Gray was able to discuss the many important matters and said salaries will be considered by the Governing Body in due course.  Members of the TA’s Executive Committee reiterated their thanks to the Governing Body for its support of them during this very difficult crisis. 

Almost immediately afterwards, Principal Gray had a meeting with the Parents’ Association (PA) again in the Meeting Room. The  PA is now chaired by Mr. Ziad Saadeh, and it was explained that members had decided to set up a number of committees in order to provide the school with resources and services in areas where it might need them. The meeting was hard working, productive, and a worthwhile one.