Principal of the Friends’ School in Lisburn

Friday, 30 September 2022

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On Monday, 19 September. Principal Gray met with Stephen Moore, the Principal of the Friends’ School in Lisburn. They talked about the situation of Brummana High School and Mr. Gray expressed appreciation for the fund raising which the school has done on our behalf and hoped that not only would he send a team to our MUN International Conference in 2023, but we could also perhaps extend connections in other ways such as teachers exchanges in which he is interested. Mr. Moore who visited BHS for a week enjoyed his stay and Principal Gray is very grateful to colleagues for hosting, looking after him and showing him their aspects of the school.  Stephen commented to our Principal that he found the students delightful, open, highly articulate, especially in English and in French (he is a modern linguist in French and German) and that he found colleagues eager to talk about Brummana and proud of being associated with it.  He said that he found this loyalty very reassuring and thought that it must be a great strength to the school.