Principal’s First Meeting with Prefects

Monday, 30 November 2020

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By Mr Chadi Nakhle, Head of Secondary

Principal David Gray had his 1st meeting with all Prefects online on 30 November from 2:20pm to 2:40pm.

The Principal started by congratulating Prefects for their appointment, then elaborated on the role of Prefects:
– Role models in being kind, thoughtful, responsible and decent.
– Take responsibility: Do the right thing and exercise their responsibility in order for others to feel safe and secure. With the right rules and attitudes they will create the right society.
– Community Service: Team spirit is important. They should Serve each other and think of ways to serve the school and other people because the world lives through service.

The Principal then elaborated on the benefits of being a Prefect:
– Growth in confidence from the exercise of responsibility. Prefects should not seek popularity. They will earn the respect of people by doing the right thing.
– Development of decision-making, problem-solving and independence of judgement.
– Development of team spirit and social skills. Prefects are bound together with common values, common aims, common purpose and a common determination.
– Boost in university application when it is done greatly.

At the end, The Principal wished Prefects every success as they are Prefects in the most extraordinary of circumstances and hoped that they will be back in hybrid mode soon.