Head of Maths Department Aline Alam in Qatar

Professional Development – Maths

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

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In the spirit of partnership, and to support the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Qatar implement the new Maths curriculum already introduced in 2018 and the corresponding learning resources, a series of workshops were launched for professionals in Maths.

The curriculum reflects Qatar’s vision of building a generation able to venture out and to solve problems through critical thinking and innovation. Consequently, the new curriculum structure not only maintains a solid focus on mathematical content but also gives considerable weight to the mathematical skills and practices.

Accordingly, the Head of the Maths Department at Brummana High School, Ms. Aline Alam, was nominated by ThinkEd Learning Services for a project with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Qatar, and took part in a training course on the new Maths resources in use for the Qatari curriculum from 5 to 9 January, 2020. The training highlighted Maths standards and Maths practices. In addition, it focused on critical thinking approaches that promote learning through visuals, problem based learning, Depth of Knowledge (by Dr. Norman Webb), assessment and differentiation, effective questioning skills and the factors affecting the classroom environment.