QuIET/BHS Fundraising Group Update

Thursday, 16 December 2021

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The QuIET/BHS Fundraising Group met for the last time this year on Monday. What a year it has been for all, with almost insurmountable challenges being faced by so many. Thanks to the excellent work of this group and all its members real progress has been made on fundraising strategy, across Lebanon, the UK and the US, as well as importantly ushering in much needed funds to support bursaries and teachers & support staff. It is like night and day trying to compare fundraising efforts now to 18 months ago and that is very much thanks to the earnest and tireless efforts of the group. Next year there promises to be even more progress made globally and not least because of the fantastic Friends of BHS in the UK and the burgeoning US strategy which will see Principal Gray visiting the New England area to meet with Quaker Schools, Meetings and individuals there to further establish relations and generate more and more support for the BHS community. Monday’s meeting also included an update on the successful Dubai trip by the Principal and Marketing Manager, BHS Gives 2021 which has now reached and surpassed its goal (!), progress on the developing Ignite endowment fund and support from charitable trusts (one of which has now generously confirmed to fund Principal Gray’s US trip). Thank you very much to all of our donors this year – your impact on the BHS community has been and continues to be immense.