QuIET Trustees Bi-Annual Meeting

Saturday, 22 January 2022

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During the bi-annual meeting of the school’s Trustees held on Saturday, 22 January, Principal David Gray presented his report and answered questions on current school status. Reports were also made by the Chairman of the Governing Body, Mr. Antoine Wakim, and by the Bursar, Mr. Raymond Feghali. The meeting was led by Mr. Paul High, the Chairman of QuIET. The meeting also included the annual general meeting of QuIET and a consideration both of the school’s and of QuIET’s finances. One of the Trustees, Will Haire, who chairs the QuIET fundraising group reported on the excellent work done by this working group, friend raising and fundraising on a truly global scale. Principal Gray is very grateful indeed both to the Governors of Brummana High School and to Trustees of QuIET for their support, guidance and wisdom. We look forward to welcoming the QuIET Trustees to Brummana for their next meeting in June of this year.